About Us

About us

Supply and installation of home and commercial gym equipment.

At Tecno-Train, we specialize in commercial gym equipment and create innovative solutions to help you obtain all fitness goals in the shortest period of time by creating products which intensely target specific muscle groups. Our Cardio and Strength equipment are commercial graded for extensive usage, be at in your private gym at home or mini gym or club (or actual gyms, were you will find our superior products). We inspire to keep you training and maintain your healthy lifestyle with our innovative home solutions be it large or small. We have added new products created for home use which are commercially graded and suited for extensive usage at home and aimed at helping you in achieving maximum fitness levels from the comfort of your home.  Training with connectivity & entertainment for maximum satisfaction from workouts and maximum results.

  • We deliver nationwide throughout South Africa Free of charge.
  • Installation guides provided with each product for ease of installation
  • Technicians available to provide installation if required
  • All Tecno-Train products are sold with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Service & Back-Up Assist available on request.
  • Service contracts available for both home and commercial gyms / clubs