Tecno Train ZY-1Z Portable Oxygen Concentrator 02 Generator

1-6L/min stead flow of up to 96% purity, this machine outperforms its competitions.

Portable home and travel use suited

Oxygen Output: Over 93% oxygen purity, 1-6L/M adjustable flow rate, let you enjoy a clean air at home. Delivers a steady stream of up to 93+% pure oxygen out of normal air.


– Intelligent voice with voice broadcasting

– Triple safety protection

– Real-time concentration monitoring

– Aluminium alloy molecular sieve barrel

– Fully enclosed sound proof cotton intake and outlet muffling

– Five fold sterilization and nano scale purification

– Independent alloy gas storage tank, strengthened use effect

– One button convenient operation

– High strength ABS shell

Added Features:

– Oxygen purity alarm

– Power off alarm

– Compressor alarm

– Low flow alarm

– Remote Control


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